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What we believe

Small Businesses deserve the same advantages as Big Businesses enjoy.

Our mission, thanks to generous applications of technology and research, is to bring the quality of Infrastructure, Utility, Security and Disaster recovery options to a more affordable price point for small business to play on an equal footing.

The Big Picture

How we See the IT world Every business owner wants nothing less than to deliver on it's Mission, Vision and Values as effectively as possible. The concept of the Hierarchy of Network Needs is to provide a simple "ladder" or "roadmap" upon which each phase can be clearly understood, achieved and subsequently transcended. Each lower level supports the levels above it and each level above is improved or made more effective by the support it receives from the level below. 

How we plan to accomplish this

We start by providing access to qualified, long-standing members of the IT community to administer on-site audits of each and every phase mapped out in the hierarchy. We cross reference what we find with our databank of best practices and current standards and provide you with a complete no-nonsense report of the findings. Then, we provide a second set of IT resources to ensure that the recommendations are properly implemented.

At the frequency that's best for you, we come back and repeat this process to ensure you stay on track.

Using a simple membership model, we provide all this with minimal, predictable and manageable costs.  

IT Experts Registry