About Us

IT Experts Registry‚Äôs key goal is to be the trusted name in determining who's who within the IT Experts community. 

With access to a registry of highly trained professionals and a commitment to excellence, ITER is well positioned to fond the expert that will fill your toughest needs.

ITER upholds the same level of professional standards, personal values and client success by continuing to identify the best candidates in direct hire, contract-to-hire, and IT consulting. 

We begin with a commitment to quality and what follows is excellent customer service that exceeds both client and candidate expectations. 

The team behind ITER has a combined 40 years of IT service experience. With that deep knowledge of the industry we can  confidently tackle your most demanding IT needs.

ITER is privately-owned and non-franchised. 

Quality of service through maintaining long term relationships have always been the primary priority.

All of our IT Expert's information is stored in an industry leading state-of-the-art software system that allows you direct, easy access to top talent in order to deliver the best support to your clients. We believe that in a service industry, maintaining quality standards is what ensures long-term success on a consistent basis.

Today, more then ever, excellence in IT services can be extremely difficult to find. 

Using the ITER's Registry will allow you to continue to maintain and grow your ROI from your IT in response to meeting the changing business demands while staying ahead of the ever-changing landscape of new and emerging technologies.